vRegistry Admin CMS

Several scheduling, booking, analyzing, accounting, IoT management and many other administration interfaces can be created based on vRegistry solution.

Administration interface

The company intranet requires some administration tool to handle the data used and generated by its front- and back-offices. Developing own application or adapting an existing one is time-consuming and expensive. Web administering solutions are usually Custom CMSs and should be bespoke:


Admin CMS, customized for your needs

vRegistry solution provides an infrastructure for the creation of tailored administration interfaces. Common functionality necessary for a typical management tool is supplied:


See the realized vRegistry applications:



  • easy to access

    All the users need is to have a web browser. The front-end is compatible with most of the recognized browsers. The desktop-like UI ensures smooth work.
  • easy to host

    The back-end can be hosted by almost every professional service provider. Does not require any special system extensions and vendor maintenance.
  • easy to handle

    All functionality is embedded, thus resulting in easy manageable and transportable application. Does not require any third-party software and services.


  • common

    Supplies basic functionality necessary for a typical administration tool.
  • extendable

    Can be complemented to meet specific front- and back-office requirements.
  • secured

    User authentication and authorization protects intranet from illegal access.

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