Configuring and handling multilingual hierarchical side menus.

Side menu generator and handler classes

These classes allow to configure and handle multilingual hierarchical side menus. The menu is generated server-side basing on the XML configuration. The menu item titles are selected from the SQL database. The event listeners are attached client-side to handle the menu clicks and invoke selected actions.

See the readme and example included in the package. MVP styling is used for the functionality demonstration.

The package

The following files are included:

  1. sidemenu.php - class to generate the menu;
  2. sidemenu.js - class to handle the menu;
  3. common.js - support functions and classes;
  4. texts.php - class to supply language-dependent texts;
  5. example.php - demonstrating functionality;
  6. example.sql - multilingual texts base;
  7. example.xml - the menu configuration;
  8. example.phtml - the shell template;
  9. example.css - the shell an menu MVP styles;

The SideMenu is implemented in vRegistry solution (see and vrManual program (see


The GNU LGPL is an open-source license.

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The product is a light framework for creating desktop-like web applications. Supplied features: configuring menus, formatting screen, supporting AJAX communication, minimum design.