PackApp - Application Packer

A complete solution to pack your application project files into the delivery package. The source code is minified and obfuscated, impeding unauthorized use.

Prepare your application for the production, greatly reducing the risk of piracy

The target audience: ISVs, freelancers, developers, resellers, all who need a lightweight utility to turn the project into the delivery package. The solution is oriented to the PHP applications, but can be used for your front-end projects too.

There are many minifiers, obfuscators, encoders around. Some commercial encoders are very good, but rather expensive and may require system extensions. The others are limited with a single source type only. The Packer is a simple integrated solution.

How it works

PackApp.php packs the project files: minifies the source (html, css, js, json, php, xml), obfuscates (php) or encodes (js) the code and compresses the resulting files. The php templates are processed for the html, js, css, php code.

The source can be either a single file or a folder which may have sub-folders. The destination is a packed file or a folder with the packed files. The ZIP archives are handled also: folder-to-zip, zip-to-folder, zip-to-zip.

The Packer passes the source to respective minify add-on depending on the file type. The css and js detected inside the html are minified too. The html, css, js are looked for the embedded php to minify. You can create the user add-ons for more file types.

The js and php code can be obfuscated to inhibit its unauthorized use. You must follow certain naming rules for the PHP identifiers to avoid the renaming conflicts. The php obfuscation is supplied by Standard edition.

There are several options to control the processing. Use them for specific cases and rely on defaults generally. Launch the Packer via the GUI or instantiate and call directly. Various statistics is returned about the processing results. You can display and/or save this data.



    The basic kinds of the code are supported: php, html, css, js, json, xml. The embedded code (js in html, php in js , ...) is detected.

    You can handle different sources and destinations: files, folders, archives.


    The obfuscated source is hard to read that protects against unauthorized use. The reverse engineering becomes too expensive.

    The copying of your application's source code on the client's server is inhibited.


    Various options allow to customize the minifying and obfuscation process: exclude the files, include the identifiers etc.

    You can extend the list of the source types to be minified by creating your own add-ons.



    The source files of relevant file type are minified by removing the comments, whitespaces and line breaks.

    The source files of relevant file type (js, php) are obfuscated by replacing the identifier names with any occasional.

    A file or a folder can be packed and the source and/or destination folder can be archived.

    The processing parameters allow to control the packing according to the specifics of the source.

    Various statistics is collected about the packing result. This data can be displayed and/or saved.
  • ConvenienCe

    Can be accessed via User Interface or integrated with your development environment.



Free version is installed when it is uploaded. The extended version requires the Setup.

  1. Unzip the obtained package and read the
  2. Upload the files to your chosen web directory.
  3. Run the example.php included in the package.
  4. The extended version launches the Installer - continue with the Setup (see below) and return to (3).
  5. The example minifies/obfuscates the files from the tests folder and compresses the result into the
  6. A message informs about the result. The statistics collected by the packer are displayed and saved into example.txt.
  7. Make a copy from the example.php and try it with different sources, destinations and options.

 NB! The program requires PHP 5.4+ version.


The example.php included in the package activates the Setup automatically (if not set up yet).

  1. Run PackApp.php to enter the Setup.
  2. Select Binpress merchant and enter the serial key number assigned to the product.
  3. Specify your contact name and email address.
  4. Click the Setup button and wait for the confirmation message.
  5. Run the example.php again.

NB! Your contact data will be used for important product-related messages only. If your contacts change, please, run the Setup to update.



Free Edition

Minify source code

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Lite Edition

Minify source code GUI, auto-update Single-site use

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Standard Edition

Minify source code Obfuscate PHP code GUI, auto-update Single-site use

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7 day 7-day money-back guarantee

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  • Very simple and effective tool. Used it to encrypt some shop modules and similar stuff. Good Job!

    JS Jörk Sternsdorff
  • Very useful app! It takes a little work to get some PHP scripts working but that is normal when using products like this. If it had the ability to directly download generated zip files would give this baby 5 stars. UPDATE: Gets a full 5 stars with the new download feature! Overall would recommend without hesitation.

    SM Susan McCartney